About Us

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Established in 1983 in Carlisle, PA, Snappin Turtle was born to cater to automotive enthusiasts. The renowned Carlisle Fairgrounds, hosting 10 world-class collector car, truck, and motorcycle shows annually, provided a platform to connect with and develop products for some of the most dedicated vehicle collectors nationwide. With four decades of expertise, we take pride in crafting top-tier, task-specific tie-down products, consistently innovating with new designs and refining our existing lineup.


At Snappin Turtle, our dedication to quality begins with the utilization of 12,000 lb 2" wide super-soft webbing for our 10,000 lb products—setting us apart from competitors who use 10K webbing. Paired with an 11,000 lb ratchet, our commitment ensures that when you invest in a 10K-rated assembly, you can trust in its reliability.


Whether securing your bike, quad, or a pit cart alongside your race car in the trailer, our 1" wide webbing products feature unbelievably robust 6,000 lb-rated webbing. This superior-rated webbing significantly extends the lifespan of our tie-downs compared to competitors. Even the thread used in all our products is deliberately upsized for enhanced durability.







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