About Us

Thank you for your interest in the highest quality tie down products available!

Snappin Turtle was founded in Carlisle, PA in 1983 to serve the automotive enthusiast. The famous Carlisle Fairgrounds, home of 10 world class collector car, truck and motorcycle shows each year, provided an opportunity to meet and develop products for some of the most dedicated vehicle collectors in the country. We have 30 years of experience manufacturing the best and most task specific tie down products and we are constantly adding new designs and refining our existing line.

Snappin Turtle's commitment to quality starts with the use of 12,000 lb 2" wide super soft webbing for our 10,000 lb products (not 10K web like our competitors) and an 11,000 lb ratchet. When you buy an assembly rated for 10K, you can be sure we stand behind it.

Tying down your bike, quad, or a pit cart that rides next to your race car in the trailer? Our 1" wide webbing products are made with an unbelievably strong 6,000 lb rated webbing. This super strong rated webbing adds years of life to our tie downs when compared to our competitors. Even the thread used in all our products is sized up for extra durability.

In 2010, Snappin Turtle became a division of Max Performance Inc. When looking for a safe, secure way to tie down your vehicle, trust Snappin Turtle Tie Downs. We sell quality...not hype.


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